Our Patient Privacy Policy

This patient privacy policy describes the privacy policies of patient information and medical services offered by [https://www.oncofertilityistanbul.com/] (hereinafter referred to as the “Institution”). This policy applies to all treatment properties and websites operated by the Institution.

Confidentiality of Patient Information

Patient information is stored and processed in accordance with legal regulations and ethical rules. This information is used only for healthcare delivery and management.

Patient information is accessible and available only to authorized healthcare professionals and staff. Unauthorized access or sharing of patient information is strictly prohibited.

Patient information is not shared with third parties without written permission from the patient or legal distributors. However, due to legal requirements or court decisions, common information can be shared.

Data security

Necessary technical and organizational measures have been taken to ensure the security of patient information. This will ensure the protection of information at reasonable prices and minimize the risk of unauthorized access, modification or leakage.

Patient information is stored and backed up in a secure electronic system. Paper records are securely archived and preserved.

Patient rights

Right to access patient information: The patient has the right to access his/her own information and this information can be accessed.

Right to information correction: The patient can request information about incorrect or incomplete information.

The right to consent to information sharing: The patient must approve the sharing of information to certain individuals or institutions.

Right to deletion of patient information: The patient may request the deletion of his personal information under certain conditions.

Policy Updates

The institution may update and display this patient privacy policy. Current policy changes will be posted on their website and the changes will be updated.

If you have any interruptions or concerns about this policy, please contact me via [Contact Information].

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